Unique Wedding Choices Worth Trying


Your wedding needs to have everything that you want. You can consider other weddings and what people around you suggest but, in the end, you decide based on what you and your partner want. Even if you try something new and unconventional, it is okay. It is your wedding, and you have the right to make changes if you deem necessary. These are some wedding choices that will shock the attendees, but who cares?

Coloured wedding dress

Most wedding dresses are white or something close to white. If you opt for a unique colour like red or black, it will stun everyone in attendance. They do not usually see those colours for wedding dresses. Again, it is okay if you think the said colour best represents your personality or the love you share with your partner. However, you need to be cautious when you are doing a church wedding since some churches have strict policies regarding wedding dress colours.

Wedding cakes made of cheese

These days, you see wedding cakes of extravagant size with decorations. You can choose the best baker who will create the most dramatic wedding cake ever. However, for a change, you can have cheese wedding cakes. No, they are not cheesecakes, but cakes made from piles of cheese blocks. They will resemble an actual cake once decorated. You can have pastries instead of cakes, and the guests can use the cheese to pair with their bread. If you are a cheese lover, it is the best way to incorporate cheese into the wedding.

Forest wedding

You usually see weddings done in churches. If outdoors, the most common locations are seashores and home gardens. If you want to spruce things up, you can have a wedding in the middle of the forest. It might be a bit inconvenient, but it could work if you and your partner are environmentalists. You want to continue sending a message of protecting the environment through your wedding photos. It might be challenging to find the perfect venue, but you can pursue it if it makes your wedding special.

Upbeat music

You hear sweet songs and the ones with slow tempos played during many weddings. They help to create a solemn and peaceful vibe. However, if you want to mix things up, you can decide to play upbeat music throughout the event. It works when you are someone who hates too much drama. You can liven up the mood with the help of upbeat songs. You can have them at the wedding and the reception.

For sure, you will see eyebrows raised during your wedding because of your choices. Even your parents will question your decision and ask you to change your plans. In the end, you need to pursue what you want. You decide what makes you happy, so forget about options that will not. Options that you pick out of respect for tradition are nonsense. Unless you are happy with the continuation of that tradition, there is no way that you should choose it.