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By Tom Brian Angurini

A new study has shown that although Uganda produces more than enough food to feed everyone, its food systems are out of balance.

The survey conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture also shows that hunger, obesity, food loss, waste and lack of safety for workers in the food chain are some of the issues that highlight the imbalance in the food value chain.

Publishing the results in Kampala, Frank Tumwebaze, the Minister of Agriculture said that as the country begins to develop and implement recovery plans for Covid-19, the government and all stakeholders should adopt innovative solutions based on scientific evidence in order to be able to build better and improved food systems. which are more resistant to impact.

He says, however, that the challenge is that the population continues to grow at a rapid rate of 32 percent per year while agricultural productivity is 2.9 percent per year.

Tumwebaze noted that there is a 0.3 percent food deficit that must be filled to match the rate of population growth.

He thanked all development partners and United Nations agencies such as the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Program, civil society organizations, the private sector, farmers, organizations of ‘farmers, research organizations and government agencies striving to achieve zero hunger in the country.

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