Relishing Smoked Meat Like Never Before


Smoked meat is one of the most favorite dishes either prepared in the home or ordered at restaurants. The most peculiar feature of this dish is the smokey flavor.

Smoked meat was around a long time before restaurants or food producers decided to make it their flagship product. Viande fumée Jarry serves its customers with the best since 1974. At Jarry, we welcome the customers wholeheartedly to make their visit a memory to be cherished.

Some mouth-watering smoked barbecue brisket, sausage, ribs, and chicken are waiting. One could taste the smoke flavor deep within.

Viande fumée Jarry is one of the top names when it comes to BBQ meat smokers. We’ve been making smoked meat for over 44 years. And now you can enjoy one being in Montreal.

Smoking meat is an art, and as such, it requires patience and practice. In a nutshell, the whole process involves slow cooking tough meat at lower temperatures until it is tender and filled with flavor. The best temperature range for meat smoking is between 200 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit and we use the same. For food safety purposes, most meats should reach a 145-degree Fahrenheit internal temperature, and poultry should reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit. To get a tender result, the final temperature should be about 180 degrees Fahrenheit. We take great care of the temperature to ensure a perfect plate. The dishes served at  Viande fumée Jarry are phenomenal in taste and the siders that accompany them enhance it equally.

It takes time to create a tender piece of meat that is loaded with flavor and ready to fall off the bone. Diners flock to an establishment like this because they love the tasty food and would rather pay for it than endure all that is involved in creating it. Although the process for making great BBQ ribs seems straightforward, there’s some real science going on. From pulling proteins to the surface to breaking down connective tissue. There’s a purpose to each step, and it’s all designed to add flavor and moisture to the ribs. Thus it is always recommended to trust the expert and bless your taste buds with the astounding taste and blend of flavors.

If you crave the taste of flavorful foods and are looking for a quality restaurant, look no further than Viande fumée Jarry. Our chefs have perfected the art of slow cooking ribs, steaks, and anything else.