Free Taco Bell Breakfast: The fast food chain is offering free burritos this Thursday

Breakfast is back on the menu at Taco Bell, so it’s offering free food to celebrate.

The chain will offer free breakfast burritos at its American restaurants on Thursday. The giveaway, which runs from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m., is a reminder that breakfast has returned to about 90 percent of Taco Bell locations after being temporarily suspended due to the pandemic.

Taco Bell started serving breakfast in 2014 and expanded its morning menu in March 2020 – just days before Covid-19 shut down the country and forced a significant portion of its restaurants to stop it. to sell. The option, which historically represents 6% of its total sales, has now returned to approximately 7,000 of its locations.

Last year, the chain added a new line of squeezed breakfast burritos, including one with eggs, sausage, and nacho cheese sauce. Another burrito has eggs, potato bites, pico de gallo, a three-cheese mix and bacon or sausage, and another option has eggs, the three-cheese mix, a hash brown and bacon or sausage.

Burritos are part of Thursday’s giveaway and normally sell for between $ 1.29 and $ 2.89. They must be ordered in person and there is a limit of one burrito per person.

The promotion comes as its rivals aim to develop in the morning as people return to their routines. Wendy’s recently announced it will spend $ 25 million to promote its popular breakfast selection and McDonald’s has added a new glazed donut to its McCafé Bakery line. Dunkin ‘has added a plant-based breakfast sandwich in recent years.

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