Food Marketing Cons – How Not to Be Fooled Again


So, let us dig just a little much deeper behind the language and also the pretty packaging. And here’s my promise….after studying this it will be possible much more savvy about how exactly your spend your food dollars.

The ‘our goods are created using love and care’ food marketing disadvantage

Let us take ice cream – everyone’s favourite, then one the majority of us usually like to eat, despite the fact that we should not. The final container from it I selected up stated something like: “hands churned (really? honestly? could that actually be so?)… designed to traditional standards.” Can’t you envision quickly an image of old Mother Hubbard, apron round her ample waist, plus a kindly, maternal smile on her behalf lips, bun in her own hair and paddle in her own hands as she stirs with patience away infusing this ice cream together with her care and love.

In some way I doubt it! Appears in my experience the only hands likely to be doing any churning are individuals money grabbing ones because they pocket your dollars. However they sure have a means of which makes it seem similar to their ice cream is made from love and sealed having a hug then one the best of moms might have made you. Implicit within this food marketing disadvantage is the concept that: “We actually care about your needs.” Baloney – not convinced! The things they mind about is the main point here.

The ‘everything relating to this method is all natural’ food marketing disadvantage

Aha, seen that packaging that shrieks a loud: “natural grain” message. You will find I must admit that that part, the main one that’s splashed around that you should notice could be true… But here’s where the reality regarding this message will probably finish. Check out all the facts…the things they aren’t saying would be that the msg, flavourants and colourants and tartrazine they placed on all of this natural product have to do with as not even close to natural out of the box plastic. Nor will they explain that while getting these ‘natural grains’ in to the crisps they now are, they used hydrogenated oils that are just downright toxic for the physiques. Natural? Hmmmm – methinks not!

What food marketers might have us believe and what’s really true are miles apart.

The ‘fortified with..x,y or z vitamin’ food marketing disadvantage

Here’s another food marketing disadvantage to look for – it’s one you frequently see on individuals amazing-sounding cereals, many that have enough sugar to transmit your bloodstream sugar into overdrive: “prepared with” adopted by a summary of vitamins. Nice! Sounds good and wholesome. What these food marketing disadvantage artists aren’t suggesting is the fact that during processing (what i mean is taking food from the natural form and which makes it into something far more abnormal), they first stripped this now fabulously processed food of a lot of other 15 nutrients after which added back a paltry couple of inside a form that the body is not always even able to digesting.

However they sure have a means of which makes it seem like they are doing a huge favour. The only real favour would be to their bank balance once we swoop up these so-known as health products believing their couple of BS.

The ‘your eyes trick you but we are able to fool you’ food marketing disadvantage

Oh… and let us not talk even visit the what they are called they provide their goods. Seen ‘Heath bars’? Most likely not since your eyes most likely read that as ‘Health bars’…. with no, it isn’t their spelling that’s bad – it’s all regulated just one other way of conning us into believing they are concerned about our overall health. They are concerned about one factor and something factor only…how rapidly you open your bank account.

Don’t allow individuals food marketing cons fool you. Read their claims with skepticism and very quickly whatsoever you can see through them!