Burger King becomes the world’s first fast food chain to serve impossible nuggets


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Burger King has upped its meatless options even further, welcoming Impossible Foods’ plant-based chicken nuggets to its menu in America.

The fast food chain claims it is “the world’s first brand of quick service restaurants” to serve Impossible Nuggets.

Impossible uses ingredients like soy protein, sunflower oil, and wheat flour to make the nuggets. As a result, they are cholesterol free and contain 10g of protein per serving.

The nuggets have proven to be popular with consumers so far. A blind taste test of 201 meat consumers found that most (74%) of them preferred Impossible Nuggets over chicken nuggets from a “major supplier,” according to the company.

Plant-based food at Burger King

Burger King will serve the nuggets in an eight pack with the sauce of the customer’s choice. The nuggets will be cooked in the same oil as the company’s meat and dairy products.

“This isn’t the first time we’ve teamed up with Impossible to make waves in the industry,” said Ellie Doty, Marketing Director for Burger King North America.

Burger King first collaborated with Impossible in 2019, when it became the first quick-service restaurant to serve Impossible Galette. The galette, served in the Meatless Impossible Whopper, was a hit. Same store sales increased 6% in the quarter following launch, Business intern reported.

Doty continued, “So it’s only fitting that we are the first QSR in the world to test the Impossible Nuggets. We’re excited to hear what our customers in test markets think about this latest innovation.


The plant-based menu additions align with Burger King’s goals of becoming more environmentally friendly.

According to Impossible, its herbal nuggets require significantly fewer resources to craft.

Compared to their animal counterparts, Impossible Nuggets uses 48% less soil and 43% less water. In addition, they generate 36% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Writing about its sustainability goals on its website, Burger King says, “Our product innovation teams are constantly working to develop new options that deliver a variety of tasty dishes while meeting our customers’ changing style needs. of life.

The company also noted: “For us, corporate responsibility is not about the final destination; it is a continuous journey. We know that our policies and procedures will evolve and change as the landscape in which we do business evolves and changes.

Burger King will test the Impossible Nuggets for a limited time starting October 11, 2021. They will be available in locations in Des Moines, Iowa; Boston, Massachusetts; and Miami, Florida.

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