Best Meal Kit Delivery Companies In Canada


Everyone runs short in time in the modern world. And the one thing that’s the most compromised in this scenario is a healthy lifestyle and a properly balanced diet. Lesser time either means munching on junk or having to eat improperly cooked food. If you too have been affected with this widespread trouble, Meal kit delivery services can be your ticket to a healthy life.

Benefits Of Meal Delivery Companies

The meal kit delivery companies provide ready-to-eat nutritious meals. These companies offer easy home delivery options too. Thus, they are the easiest alternative for health conscious people. Companies like MissFresh and Cook It keep juggling their menus and recipes on a weekly basis to let their customers feast on the taste of different dishes. Also, MissFresh review company amongst many others is the rare one that delivers meal kits all across Canada. This company that saw daylight in 2014 was acquired in 2017 by The Metro Green Stores.

Comparison Between MissFresh and Cook It Meal Kit Delivery Companies

MissFresh company is mostly popular for the 13 new recipes it releases every week. However, Cook It company has more variety. Cook It company’s platter is the most rich of all companies since it provides gluten-free food options. MissFresh on the other hand does not have gluten-free foods or meats without bones options. Another factor that differentiates MissFresh from Cook It is that the former provides kits that can support 2, 4 or 6 people and the latter provides kits that can support 2, 3, 4 or 6 people.

Ways To Choose A Meal Kit Delivery Company

There are a lot of meal kit delivery companies in Canada. It might get confusing for you to pick any one. However, there are two specific features that when taken into consideration can make things simple for you.

  • Your Location – Not all companies deliver food in all areas. Thus, segregate the ones that deliver food in your area first.
  • Your Family Size – Different companies offer meals for different number of people. Pick the one that has food just sufficient to support your family in order to avoid wastage.

To sum up, only the companies that offer fresh meals fixed by nutritionists are most reliable. Also, such companies offer food in insulated boxes in order to keep the food fresh and ready to eat. All in all, the recipes by MissFresh as well as Cook It are instant makes and need no more than 30 minutes to be ready.